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Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra share their respective recipes for Hamburgers.

I feel like this would be what would happen between me and @solaceforthesane

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I have my moments when I’m annoyed with nyu, but I love writing for local and my section

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1)Beyond Action and Reaction we would establish ourselves.

2)We start from opposite statements of a chosen world. Set up violent structure of adolescent clearness between two extremes.

3)We discharge ourselves on both sides.

4)We fight first on one side, then on the other, but always for the SAME cause, which is neither side or both sides and ours.

5)Mercenaries were always the best troops.

6)We are primitive Mercenaries in the Modern World.

7)Our Cause is NO-MAN’S.

8)We set Humour at Humour’s throat. Stir up Civil War among peaceful apes.

9)We only want Humour if it has fought like Tragedy.

10)We only want Tragedy if it can clench its side-muscles like hands on its belly, and bring to the surface a laugh like a bomb.


- BLAST Magazine

It’s 3rd avenue and cars are rushing by

splashing the puddles and throwing

a dirty mist

on the bright green awning

lined with deflated balloons

bobbing in the wind to attract

children who never pass

on the sidewalk

cracked and worn

spotted with gum and footprints

like any good city is

and in between the two

anchored by the dirty gray and reaching for the stained green

are flowers

the special type of flowers found in the city

growing from green plastic cones

instead of grass

tended not by a gardner but

by the hands of an immigrant worker

hands rough but gentle

as he sells us emotion for his american dream

flowers that are bright blues and mixes of white and pink

like no natural flower should be

dyed to suit the proper emotion

fake so we can try to be real

who buys these 

there is the high school boy

awkward and trying to approximate 

proper social interractions

who stops to buy three poorly maintained roses

before stuffing them in his backpack

and running downtown

and going into his rival high school

and sitting behind his ex

and next to his former bullies

and watches a play he has no interest in

and knows he will get in trouble for being out late with a dead cell phone

for that one moment when

when the play is over

and he can walk up to her

steal her from conversation for a moment

give her the crushed roses, tell her she was great, and confidently stride out

or atleast pretending to be confident

and more like sprint than walking

and hoping the whole way home 

that she will remember this gesture 

when he asks her to prom, so he can feel normal

and give her a better flower,

white and fresh and tied with a blue ribbon

from a florist, not a bodega

But he knows how it all started

with those beat up roses

sold by the Asian woman who knew him for 

Arizona Iced Teas and breakfast sandwhiches

who was chasing her american dream

but helped him get his instead




slam nunk

the score is 6 to nun 

that park though

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I can actually see the shame in his tiny little eyes. He’s here on business.

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Ogre Spider trapping a cricket. - Imgur

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